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Sharjah Air Cargo
- Sharjah International Airport

Sharjah International Airport

• Sharjah International Airport is a cargo focused airport.
• Over 50 weekly cargo flights by scheduled & chartered operators.
• The cargo centre is located adjacent to the cargo ramp area.
• Situated along side Sharjah International Airport Free Zone (SIAF Zone), hosting 246 logistics & Aviation related companies.
• Open skies with 24/7 non restricted operations.

Unique Capabilities & International Compliances

• Certified RA3 warehouse
• Member of Cool Chain Association facilitating the movement of perishables.
• ISAGO Accredited.
• First airport in the Middle East to be CEIV Pharma certified, compliance from Aircraft to consignee door step.
• A strategic Partner of Pharma.Aero, the international body of like minded companies involved in manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceuticals.

Why Sharjah

Cost & Time Saving
• Minimum 30% lower airport tariffs and handling charges in comparison with other regional airports
• Minimizing fuel burn from direct approach, no holding and short taxi distance, Cargo parking adjacent to warehousing.

Ease of Operations
• Simplified procedure.
• Efficient & Reliable supply Chain
• Use of latest technology supporting e-cargo procedures.

Availability of all governmental entities under one roof to facilitate documentations.

A large and growing network of the home carrier Air Arabia and other Airlines, provides International connectivity, in addition to the freighter routes to over a 100 destinations.

Sharjah Clients & Partners


• Modern RFS fleet with more than 200 trips per week intra airports within UAE, (including temperature controlled trucks)
• GCC Connectivity that supports door to door delivery requirements.

Our Commitment

• To serve the community.
• Raise our service levels.
• Facilitate your needs to the fullest extent possible.

Sharjah Logistic Partners

Temperature Controlled and Quality Setup


Sharjah Certifications

IT - Systems
• Warehouse Management System
• Temperature Monitoring System -
Systems are interfaced to each other, WMS is interfaced to customs, scales and volume scanner. Reefer roller bed trucks, ULD cooling dollies and Bulk cooling trailers are temperature controlled and monitored.

Active Cooling Equipment
• Bulk trailers 2500Kg / 14m³ capacity - Cooling range 0°C/ +18°C
• 10Ft (or 2 LD3) ULD dollies - Cooling range -18°C/ +25°C
• Owned and managed Rollerbed reefer trucks 4x Q7 Positions (or equivalent) with RTRTM & GPS tracking - Cooling range -18°C/ +25°C

Sharjah Active Cooling Equipments

Passive Cooling Equipment
• Aluminum thermal covers Q7 & bulk trailer sized

Dedicated Temperature Controlled Storage
• 1500 m³ capacity of 2-8°C and 15-25°C temperature controlled and monitored storage

Real Time Monitoring
• 1500 m³ capacity of 2-8°C and 15-25°C temperature controlled and monitored storage
RTM with pre-alert settings enable SAS to proactively avoid excursions throughout the time your valued shipments are entrusted to us.

Unique Cargo Offering Propositions

We support our partners to help improving profitability by coordinating and bringing together partners for mutual benefit:
• Interlining on long-haul services improves fleet utilisation, reduces positioning costs.
• Liaison with niche cargo carriers (IL76, AN, etc.) to selected destinations from Sharjah (i.e. Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, K.S.A., among others).
• GDP compliant repacking services for passive transport packaging available, supporting the development of the healthcare market to African destinations.
• Trucking direct to consignee, RTRTM RFS or dry van, from the aircraft side.
• Fastest RFS :
- Within 35 min of on-block, 1st full RFFS (4xQ7-ULD) on the road
- Within 45 min of on-block, 2nd full RFFS (4xQ7-ULD) on the road

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